Hi, I'm Shey and I am here to help you resolve your technical issues in your pursuit of an online business.

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Hi, I’m Shey and I am here to help you resolve your technical issues in your pursuit of an online business. I understand that computers and technical gadgets aren’t for everyone – but building an internet based business requires lots of technical know-how. Do any of these statements resonate with you?


if you’re looking for a tech fix, The Sheyharms has you covered, with a focus on new products, news stories and roundtable banter (if this is your bag,  I can recommend This Week in Tech as a good place to start) most cutting-edge, accessible, and intelligent technology podcasts, regularly updated with new reviews.


We all get stuck with tech headaches at some point in our online business journey. Some of us like working through tech issues more than others and sharing what we’ve learned. On this page, you will find the training I’ve created to help move your business forward.

Are you looking for specific training that you don’t see here? Be sure to send me a message on my contact page and let me know.

Business Podcasts You Should Listen To

Last month I went into a popular Facebook group and asked this question: I love listening to business podcasts on my commute but I'm looking to add to my playlist. I love Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Shane Sams with Flipped Lifestyle and Nick Loper. Any other...

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Make Your Own Facebook Cover Art with Canva

One of my coaching students was asking about how to use Canva to create her own cover art for Facebook. I love Canva and use it every time I create a new blog post and sometimes use it for Facebook posts as well. I created this quick video to explain how to create...

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Webinar Course: 8 Ways to Uncover a Clever Website Name

I went through a crash course on how to create a webinar. I had 5 days to setup, design, script and complete the webinar and release it to the world. After it was all said and done, I never actually held the public webinar - except with 1 person, my webinar partner. I...

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Working with Facebook Ads

Before I launched my latest website, I decided that I wanted to start building up an audience. I feel it's better to test the waters with an idea, so to speak, than spend hours, weeks and months working on a site only to find out the business idea isn't viable. To...

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How to Preview Your Running Facebook Ad

After my creating my first Facebook Ad for the LakeAuthority, I was having a tough time figuring out how to preview the ad since it had been running a few days. Gurus in the internet space will tell you it's important to do split testing and see if you can improve...

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How to Edit Your Running Facebook Ad

I was struggling to find a way to preview my Facebook ad, once it had been running a few days. I wrote about the process I followed to find my Facebook ad, preview it and even change the budget, how long the ad runs and the placement on this prior post. Now I want to...

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How I Got Started with a Blog Business

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to own a business of my own. When I was a kid, there were a couple of different years when I got a cash register for Christmas. The newer one even made electronic noises. My friends would come over and we'd play "store". We would...

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How to Copy Your Screen and Edit Quickly in Windows

Not a week goes by where I don't have the need to copy something on my screen so I can paste into an email or post on my website. I use both Windows and Mac computers and love to use free tools whenever I can. Did you know that in Windows there is a handy tool called...

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Launching a Podcast

Today I am scrambling to get my podcast launched for the site Slender Safari. I attended New Media Expo 2 months ago I took Cliff Ravenscraft Podcasting from A - Z course this past month Now I'm doing all the leg work to get this podcast launched, i.e. hiring a VA,...

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Good Day for Me!

I have to record this date so I don't forget about it. Today is March 13, 2013 and I had a great evening. My new podcast, SlenderSafari, has only been in iTunes for 2 weeks with 3 episodes and a 1 minute intro episode. I thought it was doing pretty good on the number...

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