You are probably wondering what this site is all about, right? I mean, why else would you be reading my About page? Let me introduce myself. My name is Shey and I am here to help you achieve your online business goals. Shey Harms

I’m not like all the other internet marketers that want to sell you a product and have you sign up for my “learn how to make money online” course. What I offer is my experience, the things that tripped me up in the past and how I overcame the obstacles. I can point you in the direction of the courses I took that were helpful and you can decide if you want to join them or not.

I will explain problems I faced with WordPress, what plug-ins I found useful, and how to work with Google Analytics. I will use videos to walk you through processes that I struggled with and I will let you know what works for me on making money online.

My Background

I would like to share a little bit with you about my background and what qualifies me to help you on your internet business journey. I’m not currently at the point where I can retire from my day job, but I have the skills, know-how and gumption it takes to succeed with an online business.

I started working with computers in the mid 80s. I took a “basic” computer course in highschool and didn’t really care for computers that much. However, when I took my first real job in 1988, while going through college, I couldn’t keep myself from trying to figure out how things worked. At first I started helping my coworkers with their documents and presentations and later I started to learn databases and their purpose. I landed my first IT helpdesk job and grew to love helping the people in my company.

It didn’t stop there though. One of the executives I supported liked how I worked with the management staff and wanted to promote me to programmer. After a year of trial and error and a great programming course, I made the first application that the entire international corporation could really use. I was hooked after that.

Since then I have proved myself as a female programmer in a male dominated career, working my way up the corporate ladder. I have worked for dot com companies at the time when they all started to go bust. I have worked for Insurance companies, consulting firms, manufacturing companies and a large bank. I have had the title of help desk technician, Programmer, Application Developer, Web Programmer, Team Lead, Manager, Project Manager and Database Administrator. I am good at research and solving problems and that’s how I want to help you.

Long story short, I have been in the IT/IS field since the early 90s and I don’t plan on giving it up just because I started a blog. In fact, I wanted a blog and podcast to go along with my knowledge since I enjoy it so much. I also like helping people learn and understand how things work.

Why Me – What’s my Online Experience?

In the past 4 years I have had a successful blog and podcast that grew from nowhere. I literally started my blog in December of 2012 and my podcast began Feb 27 2013. My podcast was in iTunes New and Noteworthy just a week after I launched and stayed there for several weeks. Later, it was featured in the “What’s Hot” section of iTunes for the competitive “Health” category. I have had training from the best in the business and I have the technical background to support my online venture.

I have been studying how to make money online for the past many years. Coming soon: In the resources section, you will find many posts about the different courses I have discovered and have learned a great deal from. I will give you my opinion on these courses so you can make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

My goal with this site is to provide a pathway for you to get a business started online. I can help you with the technical aspects and business ideas, but ultimately, it will be up to you to do the work. It’s not easy and you won’t get rich overnight. There are no such things as “get rich quick” in the internet world. If people are telling you “get rich quick” exists, then know they are lying to you.

Through trial and error, I have built a dozen sites, launched a couple of podcasts, created several videos and have networked with the best online entrepreneurs in the world. I know this stuff and I can help you end your frustration cycle with tech problems. If I don’t have an immediate answer, I’m great at researching and I love to learn!

Contact Me

You can reach me via my contact page if you have any questions! I’m here to help you succeed with your tech issues!