Companies I recommend

 Starting out a new business can be fun and exciting. Once you get started you will either want to continue building new sites, or you will dread it with a passion.


I have listed several tools that I believe will help any entrepreneur launch their business. Some of these links are affiliate links, which just means that I will make a few bucks if you click on the link below AND decide to purchase the item. The nice part is, it does NOT cost you anything extra.


Domain Registration

You have a few options when it comes to buying your domain name. I generally use these sites to buy my domains (I choose whichever one I feel like gives me a better deal on the domain name).


Namecheap – this is the primary company I use for all my domain purchases now. I’ve been very pleased with their services and ease of us.


HostGator – I’ve only purchased 1 theme through the hosting company – more as a test so I could tell other people about how it worked. Purchasing was easy and since hosting was also on Hostgator, the transition is very smooth. I recommend this process for newbies.


Web Hosting

Now that you have your domain name, it’s time to get it setup on the internet so you can start building your new website. These are the current hosting companies I use (or have used in the past). When my website gets bigger, I will probably upgrade to a different service, but when you’re just getting started, these are good choices.



Hostgator – My current choice for beginners. They offer an inexpensive hosting plan that is affordable until you have a sustainable business and are ready for the next level.


Bluehost – I used them while at the same time using HostGator. They are both owned by the same parent company but since I had a longer history with HostGator, I decided to stick with them.




WordPress Themes

Now it’s time to setup your new wordpress site. (You could also setup different types of websites like Joomla or Drupal, but for now I’m going to stick with teach everyone WordPress).


Once your website is created, you can apply beautiful themes to customize the appearance. I have used these for different websites I have built.


Thrive Themes – I’m currently using Thrive Themes because they are designed for internet marketers. They offer landing pages and an easy to use theme builder to customize your theme all for the same low quarterly or yearly price.


X Theme – I purchased this theme after I saw how it appeared to be easily customizable, which it is. I’ve known many others to use this theme as well. It’s really a good theme but not as well known. You can see a website I own that is still running the theme by clicking here.


Elegant Themes – I’ve used them for several websites in the past. Everyone raves about the Divi theme customizer that’s part of the Elegant Themes package. I only used Divi when it first came out and it was a bit clunky then. However, there have been many improvements and most beginners like Divi best above all over theme companies (usually because they’ve never heard of Thrive Themes).


Thesis Themes – This is one of the first themes I purchased when I first started creating websites. I was a little frustrated with how the theme worked so I chose to look for something easier when I discovered Elegant Themes. However, this is a very trusted and well respected theme framework – but it might not be the best for beginners. If you do choose to go down this route, I’d suggested purchasing the Thesis Add-On below to have some really nice skins out of the box. I did use the add-ons and was quite happy with the result.


Thesis Add-Ons

Nice child themes to use with Thesis: ThesisLove


Keyword Research

Keywords are always an important element when writing content for your blog. You may be a podcaster and have no intention of writing content, but if you have your shows transcribed for you, then you’re going to want to make sure you use some long tail keywords in your show. Again, I have used all these tools and I find myself using different tools for different purposes. Jaaxy is probably the easiest tool on the market, followed by Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai. I feel that Market Samurai is a bit slow however and Jaaxy’s information isn’t always as complete as Long Tail Pro’s.




Long Tail Pro – Great tool that is always improving. Here is a video that explains how to use the tool:




Email Marketing









Additional Training

There may come a time when I wish to create my own training courses for these topics, but for now, these will all get you started down the right path, depending on your business goals.


Podcasting from A – Z


Internet Business Academy


Wealthy Affiliate


Podcasters Paradise