I went through a crash course on how to create a webinar. I had 5 days to setup, design, script and complete the webinar and release it to the world. After it was all said and done, I never actually held the public webinar – except with 1 person, my webinar partner. I learned a lot about the webinar process by creating this video and since the content is relevant for anyone just getting started with creating their website, I wanted to share it here.

Note: I do have plans in the future for creating a new webinar based on similar content, but after I created the course content in 1 night (part of the challenge requirements) I realized later I missed some important tactics that need to be shared. The information in this video is still helpful and the tools I mention are ones that I have used this past year on finding new domain names.

Let me know what you think and if this type of content is useful to you!

[cleveryoutube video=”UdVIxycF5pk” style=”2″]