Shey Harms in Dubai

Who am I?

My name is Shey and I am here to help non-techies who have started an online presence and want a change in their life, learn how to embrace the second act of their lives and follow their dreams. I have found success with building an online business which is helping me travel the world now that I'm older. What is your dream? Let me help you fulfill it by earning a little extra money on the side with the help of an internet based business.

What I offer is my experience, the things that tripped me up in the past and how I overcame the obstacles. I have 30 years in the IT world of Corporate America and technology is my passion and does not intimidate me. I will guide you through this technology maze of creating an online business and provide step by step solutions that allow you to fulfill your dream.

Throughout my blog and videos, I will explain problems I faced with creating a website, what technological tools I found useful, and how to use the data from analytics to improve my business. I will use videos to walk you through processes that I struggled with and I will let you know what works for me on generating revenue.

In addition to blogging, podcasting and creating videos, I love to travel. I would love to share some of the fun places I visit to help inspire you to follow your own dreams - whether that is with travel or following a passion into new adventures.

Ready to work with Me?

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Empty Nester Traveling the World Solo Style

In 2018, I started my worldly travels as a solo traveler. My first destination was Dubai in the UAE followed by touring the country of Georgia. I loved the experience of visiting new places and seeing how other cultures thrive. I'm excited to continue my journey into the years that come.



How to Setup WordPress on Siteground

December 5, 2019

Wanting to start building a website but not sure where to begin? In this video I cover the basics on getting started with WordPress after you purchase a Siteground hosting account.

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Stephanie Cunningham

SABA 009 – She went around the world on a bike and ended up starting an online business in Australia

October 11, 2019

Stephanie Cunningham and her husband took a bike tour around the world in 2000. Her husband fell in love with Australia once they reached there for the summer Olympics so they decided to move there permanently. She needed some work to do so she found a way to proceed with an online business. Listen to how she overcame obstacles and found the path that was best for her.

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Kathy Reagan Young -

Kathy Reagan Young


I had an idea for an online business and I just wanted to do that - not deal with the tech side of things. 

Shey was so patient and so knowledgeable - and not at all intimidating.  She didn’t treat me like an idiot for not knowing this stuff. She patiently taught me and guided me on my online business path. Everything from how to build a website, what host to use, how to do a podcast, how often to post, what social media platforms to use, the importance of a email opt in, how to do an email opt in! Step by step, from idea inception to online business completion and promotion, Shey was there to answer all my questions, make suggestions, coach me through my mind-set blocks and guide me beyond my tech fear to final online business success.

I particularly appreciated her never making me feel stupid or intimated to ask anything. I would send anyone I cared about to Shey for online business coaching. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jessica Phillips

Jessica Phillips

You're freaking awesome!

Thank God for you. I couldn't do this at this point in my life without you, for real! Obviously I have no idea what I'm doing. 


Hey - your formatting trick worked!! Thanks so much. That little issue slowed us down by a week! Seriously - 3 of us couldn’t figure that out!! Thank you.


Frustrated Blogger

Was just thinking how great it is to have you as a coach - rather than having to choose between all of the others that say they've got the one system that will work. You've gone through so many of their trainings - and you incorporate it all into your coaching. You're able to help with the tech side of things, the website design, ecommerce, membership sites, podcasting, blogging, utilizing VAs and freelancers, and pulling it all together!