SABA 007 – She left her role in consumer marketing to coach men then later Help Pregnant Women Fearful of Childbirth

Alexia Leachman explains how she went from Consumer Marketing to Helping Pregnant women with mindset and childbirth

Alexia realized her job in consumer marketing didn’t fulfill her so she decided to go out on her own as a coach – during a financial crisis. Learn how she has evolved her business from helping male business leaders to coaching pregnant woman who are fearful about birth.

The topics we cover were wide ranging:

  • She talks about her current product stack: Membership, Digital Prodcuts, Books, Podcast and Online courses
  • How would you spend $100K to grow your business?
  • Why you should take baby steps now to scale effectively later
  • Launch with 60% or 70% “ok” – not “perfect”
  • How to be frictionless to get unstuck

Tools for Online Business as discussed in the show:

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