How to Edit Your Running Facebook Ad

I was struggling to find a way to preview my Facebook ad, once it had been running a few days. I wrote about the process I followed to find my Facebook ad, preview it and even change the budget, how long the ad runs and the placement on this prior post. Now I want to tell you how you can edit an ad that you created to generate likes on your page. Again, this isn’t very intuitive. I hope this tutorial helps.

Go to your Facebook Fan Page Wall, then click on “Activity” on the top of the page.

Facebook Fan page Activity

Next, scroll down and look for the section that is titled “Your Page Ad”.

Facebook Ad for Promoting Your Page



Click on the Edit link in the upper right hand corner of that box, then click on “Edit Ad” on the little box that appears.






Facebook Ad Editor for Promoted Pages

Now you can see all the details about your ad.

I want to do a little split testing of my ad and see if I can get better results. Split testing is a process in where you change 1 thing and see if it helps improve your conversion numbers. I know today that my conversion rate has been between 10 – 13% so far. I want to check the ad text and see if I can increase that conversion rate. Here is my new edited ad:

Setting up a Facebook Ad Split Test


When I was done with the text changes, I clicked on Save Changes and then my ad goes back into the Facebook Ad review. That process generally takes less than 15 minutes then the ad will be live again.

I will post another update once I know how the split test is doing. Keep in mind the prior ad has received 176 likes and reached (the number who have seen the ad) 1,381 people.

Here are the numbers before my new ad goes into effect:

Conversion Rate on Facebook

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