How to Preview Your Running Facebook Ad

After my creating my first Facebook Ad for the LakeAuthority, I was having a tough time figuring out how to preview the ad since it had been running a few days. Gurus in the internet space will tell you it’s important to do split testing and see if you can improve your ad’s effectiveness. My ad has been getting between 10 – 13% conversion on the number of people who click “Like” on my page, so I really didn’t think I needed to tweak it that much. However, I couldn’t even remember what my ad looked like and I really wanted to see it again.

I searched for my ad for probably 10 minutes last night and tonight I didn’t stop until I figured it out. Facebook could use some improvement on the user experience, if you ask me. Let me save you the guess work.

If your ad is currently running in Facebook and you want to see what image and text you put around it, follow these steps.

Where to find the Facebook Ads ManagerGo to your main facebook page (the main feed when you login to facebook, not your fan page that you are running your ad for). Click on Ads Manager.




Default screen for Facebook ads managerWhen my Ads manager first appeared, this is the screen I saw.






Click on AdsIn the bottom left hand corner of the graph area, there is blue highlighted text that says “Ad Sets”. You need to click on “Ads”.

You will see the grid below the graph changes:


Facebook Ad Sets Grid





Facebook Ads Grid

Then you click on the link that appears below the Ad name. In my example the blue text that says “[02/21/2015] Promoting LakeAuthority.”



Then a new section appears below the grid where I can see my picture and my text and how many likes I have received so far.

How to Preview Your Running Facebook Ad

You can also edit your ad while you are on your fan page. To learn how to do that, click this link.

I’m curious if my ad is doing well because of the image or the questions (the ad text) I asked. The only way to find out is to do split testing. That will be my next test.


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