Launching a Podcast

Today I am scrambling to get my podcast launched for the site Slender Safari.

I attended New Media Expo 2 months ago

I took Cliff Ravenscraft Podcasting from A – Z course this past month

Now I’m doing all the leg work to get this podcast launched, i.e. hiring a VA, updating my original logo for the website and creating artwork for the podcast itself. Also trying to setup aweber automated email system on my site, speakpipe for letting listeners leave messages and a google voice or skype phone number for people who want to call in with their phone. I need to add a large header to my website with my logo included, find some new fonts for the artwork because the original fonts were too small. I need to create an about me page, FAQ page, create a resource page with affiliate ads, sign up as an affiliate with Sheila Viers (first interview), create the first 4 episodes based on the interviews I’ve done so far, type up show notes with links to other sites that are mentioned in my interviews, clean up old posts on my site that really aren’t relevant anymore, create a spreadsheet for the episodes, create a spreadsheet for contacts (who I have contacted, have I got an interview scheduled or completed, what podcast episode will that be, etc). I also need to write a few new posts on my site (I’m really behind on blog posts) as well as research more people to interview and schedule those interviews. I have a list of individuals that I met at New Media I haven’t contacted yet, plus a list of people in a notebook that I write down when I think about it.

I still need to setup my podcast in Libsyn, remove the very first episode I created that is currently stored on my website and push it to Libsyn if I want to keep it.

I could have launched during my course, but I got a really bad chest cold and lost my voice. I recorded 1 episode before I got sick but I never launched it past my own website. Meanwhile, my site wasn’t ready for viewer consumption, aweber wasn’t installed, I didn’t have a voice mail line (so I played around with Google Voice and Skype and SpeakPipe yesterday) and now I have a voicemail that people can leave through facebook or my website and I also have a call in number for folks to use to call into the show.

I’m still in the process of hiring a VA to transcribe all my shows. That was another learning experience. My first ad that I placed, the only suggestions I had were “try to find a Phillipino because they are hard working and English is their first language (unlike India or Pakistan where english isn’t a first language, which I usually used on eLance for logos and website graphics).” and the other tip I received was “make sure to include something in your ad where they have to type it in their cover letter. It can be a very simple message but if they don’t do that, write them off right away. They aren’t detailed oriented.” Their rates are also much cheaper than an American’s rates ($3 – $6/hr versus $10+). So I went with oDesk for my first General Admin VA. I needed someone to transcribe all my shows.

I didn’t register with PayPal, so maybe that was my problem. I only received 3 applicants and 1 of them had never transcribed before. The other problem was, they were all American’s and wanted at least $10 an hour. I think my other mistake was the way I created the ad. I was looking for a “part time worker” for at least 6 months.

So for this ad, I’m looking for someone specifically in SE Asia with very strong english and spelling skills as well as fantastic communication skills. They also had to have at least 100 hours in oDesk. (By the way, one of the reasons for going with oDesk is that they have a system that the individuals can log into so you can track their progress).

So far I’ve reviewed 33 applicants. I’ve decline 9 of them because of their english skills in their cover letter or because of poor feedback from other customers. I have 3 new applicants to review and I am already talking to 9 applicants, asking them to do a 1 – 2 minute typing test (another mistake I made was originally asking for 5 minute typing test, until someone told me usually it’s only a 1 – 2 minute test). I did choose a section of an interview where the gal talked fairly fast, so I need to review all the tests and see who looks best.

And with all that,I still don’t have time to work out. At least I’m starting to plan meals again and shop accordingly, but the meals aren’t all healthy meals yet. I’m just trying to break bad habits of eating junk food non stop.

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