Working with Facebook Ads

Before I launched my latest website, I decided that I wanted to start building up an audience. I feel it’s better to test the waters with an idea, so to speak, than spend hours, weeks and months working on a site only to find out the business idea isn’t viable. To test it, I had heard that Facebook ads were easy to implement and reasonably priced. I’m not sure at this point in time, since I haven’t researched it, but I’m guessing that the price might depend on your niche topic.

For me, my topic is in the travel/vacation market focused on lake tourism in the United States. My site is called and I wanted to establish myself as an expert on all things related to lake fun for families.

My New Page Creation Process

I created my facebook page and started liking several other pages that were relevant to my topic. I knew of several businesses I wanted to follow already – like Mastercraft boats, Ski Nautique, restaurants related to Lake of the Ozarks, etc. Then when I found a big named page like the “Lake of the Ozarks” fan page, I decided to look and see who they were following and start following them as well.

Facebook's box - liked by this page


After spending about 30 minutes adding various pages, one thing I discovered is that Facebook doesn’t appreciate it when you like pages/posts/comments too fast. Too fast? Seriously, that’s a problem? Let me explain. I was searching Facebook for every boat manufacturer related to lake boats in the U.S. and immediately clicking on “like” and searching for the next manufacturer and liking their page. Eventually I got a message from Facebook saying “It appears you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Slow down.”

At first I thought it was just a weird message because of the way I had searched for a manufacturer. Then it happened the next time I clicked on Like, maybe 30 seconds to a minute later. Facebook warned me again and there was a message about getting banned or something crazy like that. I decided I didn’t want to lose access to my new page after all the work I had put into at this point, so I figured I’d just lay off and work on twitter for awhile instead. (Apparently they ban you from liking anything for a few hours or day(s), they don’t necessarily ban your page).

Later, I returned to Facebook and reviewed my news feed and liked a few posts and then I shared a few posts, somewhere between 5 and 10, tops. It was at this point I felt like I could officially launch my page and invite my friends.

Getting Your First 100 Likes on a Facebook Fan Page

The easiest and cheapest way to get people to like your new page is to invite all your friends.

I’m happy to say, I must have typed in something good for my ad because my conversions have been doing quite while. I’ve talked to other internet entrepreneurs and they have said they usually get about 3 – 4.5% conversion. My conversion is over 10% currently

Facebook Ad Results

As you can see, I’ve had 130 likes and only reached 1,051 people. My ad has been running for 3 days.

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